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  1. Minecraft username: Zartzalot How you found out about this server? Well i found it right here here in the TPPI servers forum, it sounds nice. Why you want to be on this sever? I am just coming back to minecraft as my comp has been dead for the past year and has recently been resurrected. That being said, online play is one of the most fun parts of the craft so i have been searching for a good TSPI to begin a new adventure on. What are you planning on doing on the server? WELL.... lol i get into it pretty hard, like to play the charater a bit, helps inspire to build cooler things. So i will probably find a nice spot and build some sort of a spectacular looking base of operations whilest developing my charater and discovering all these cool Mods. I like to be social as well. Your favourite minecraft mod? Can't really say I have a favorite, played quite a bit of the technic pak about a year or so ago when the old comp was still kickin' but since its been down looks like alot of things have changed. There is just so many Mods I have not had the pleasure to experiment or enjoy yet. I can say that i have had alot of fun with Mystcraft (where is that dang star fisser(i think)) lol but they are all really great, i appreciate the hard work the moders put into this stuff.