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  1. I think I came back because I knew you would say "I wouldn't have to chase you with a pitchfork if I didn't disagree with you" once I left. You're on a power trip. Sorry I didn't say it word for word, but it's pretty clear I apologized and clearly said I looked at the rules and would fix my mistake. When will you admit you fantasize about killing off everyone in the world that you feel is a lesser being than you? We can replay history as much as we want but it never seems to put the final dot at the end of it's own chapters. Hitlers regime is undying I suppose. Cherry picking? Am I not allowed to quote my own words? Methinks you want to own the forum and have it all for yourself to dictate. Do I entertain you? What brought you to this forum? Are you more deserving than people like Plow or Munaus or Curunir to be on this forum? Should I be immediately shot in the back of the head for disagreeing with your method? Do you think you are God here? This is giving me anxiety, honestly. I picture an evil little man squinting at his monitor in a dark room and picking out the weak and undeserving of the internet to kill them off with his opinionated "enforcement of forum rules" and blindfolding and killing them in any manor appealing. Sorry, but you can't kill off all the idiots like me. I'm here to stay. You can antagonize people all you want at the end of your day but you're just drinking poison I'm officially done. I need more antidepressants. More shit I have to deal with everywhere I go.
  2. Piece of shit. I kiss your ass because I myself am trying to be more understanding of your situation and you just keep drillin me. Go to hell then. There I snapped. Grow up and get the sand out of your vagina.
  3. He made a choice to keep coming back to the Forum. That's initially what I meant. I didn't mean he asked for it but I meant in general he made that choice to continue with it, but yeah that's funny what you said about you being the yeah haha sorry
  4. I don't mean to disrupt what this is because clearly I have lost any credibility to my words when I initially STARTED this thread when I say "I did nothing wrong don't be a meanie Neowulf" but seriously everyone I am concerned just as much as you guys: the loyal forums members that clearly do a lot to contribute to the forum and the Technic community, that are sick of the lazy entitled idiots. I have posted MANY MANY times on other forums that are nowhere near related Minecraft-based forums, let alone gaming in general, but 'I' as in someone that despises the immaturity of members that come into "this world" (forum) crying and screaming hoping someone will try to fix the problem that nobody knows what essentially is, mainly based on the fact they have NO life experiences (or in this case, no experience with this forum or of mod-related complications such AS my own), want to help you guys for helping guys like me out. I realize this whole ordeal revolves around my initial lack of knowledge of the forums posting rules and I wish I could retract my mistakes with immediate termination of the thread, but this obviously is a persisting matter and I was in essence an inconsiderate, immature, crying newborn when I came to the thread because as we all know, people don't think when they panic and that skill is developed in life. Leaders are the ones that can act under pressure; you guys. You guys obviously are and have been doing a lot for idiots like me but I have learned. Neowulf; see how far I've come already? I've owned my mistakes and I will not NOT think 101+ times about what my posts will consist of in the future. I get that you ARE human and you have a personality, but seriously, it seems the most mature people I have spoken with aren't even people with your kind of power like Curunir or even Plowmanplow (which I have seen throughout the forum as well as Curunir) because of their self restraint for those new to a forum (etc.) and simply are understanding of those that are new to "this world". This was once an entirely new concept that you once could not entirely rap your head around Neowulf; are you one to pinch a kids mouth shut when he is crying and needs help or are you one to do your job as the "adult" of this forum and simply have restraint on your community that WANTS to learn from their mistakes when clearly without your "fanbase" of the Technic platform in general, you are essentially nothing on this forum. People need help in the real world and it's a job you clearly signed up for when you became a mod. Don't be so pessimistic towards those that want to learn from people like you. Thank you for those that did not come at me with pitchforks for my lack of knowledge of the forums. This will not be happening from me again and I will possibly even try my best to spread the word of what has happened here and what I have learned as a newcomer. Thank you again to the loyal posters that post on threads like mine because you have a passion for what you enjoy and take interest in. I hope it is not just a responsibility for you, but you also understand that the time and effort sacrificed in your day to contribute to the forum is not taken for granted. Including Neowulf.
  5. Okay, obviously my choice of words wasn't the best but I had no bad intentions to it. It was a misunderstanding and I would apologize if I recognized it earlier (I am sorry curunir if I offended you). Second, it seems you're on a power trip. I don't understand how a staff member of a forum page can be quite so immature as you are being. I recognize my mistakes from earlier but that it because I am new to the Forum and did not understand the rules until I took a SECOND look. I did not follow the correct format and I apologize once again for my mistake, but you seriously are being a prick about it all. If I could delete this thread I would do it, so since you clearly have that power you may as well if you feel the need and I am going to own my mistake, but seriously, grow up. You seem pretty unprofessional and unforgiving for someone that obviously was given the authority to try and help others. And again curunir I really am sorry if I offended you and I apologize Neowulf for my language in my earlier reply to him, I was merely trying to being somewhat comical with it because I AM a newb (or in your case, a lazy entitled idiot) to the Forums of this website and was simply owning my lack of knowledge to his Pastebin referrence. I attempted to create a formal thread but accidentally closed the link in the process and I will make a formal one in the future, but it seems I will probably not come to any conclusion with it. In conclusion: I apologize for MY unprofessional-ism, I apologize for my mistakes, and I apologize to curunir for my response to his help. I meant no harm, but seriously Neowulf, don't be a jerk to members trying to seek help. I have LEARNED and now I can help others when I ask them for help.
  6. Wow you're pretty fuckin rude for a staff. I apologized and thanked you for the info and I'm called a "lazy entitled idiot".
  7. Alright thx. I didn't know it wouldn't have support since it's on the website but I didn't know about that part since I am new to this and I was only showed it briefly and recently. Sorry about the confusion.
  8. 1. What the hell is pastebin 2. If there wasn't a modpack called Legacy, I wouldn't have posted it HERE because there isn't a topic for that in the link you have. 3. Like I said, it's called the Legacy pack. No topic for it on this. EDIT: I misunderstood what I myself was asking for when I was using this modpack because I was briefly introduced this modpack and did not know it wasn't mainstream/a main pack suck as Tekkit or Voltz and I apologize for my error and my choice of words from earlier based on my lack of knowledge of the information for the forums and forum format. I apologize for any misunderstandings and confusion Curunir. Thank you for the help, seriously.
  9. Can't play Legacy server with others. As soon as friend joins, it freezes the players on others screens and the second player that joined usually lags out and the server just goes ham. Tried reading the reports and I couldn't catch the issue so I'll post it here. We tried playing in one home on one DSL/Motem (whatever you wanna call it) first so that might be the issue, we're not sure. LAN works fine but the host gets the choppiness crap and it's very irritating. I (the host) tried deleting the player logs but that seemed to only make the hosting worse on average and still no fix with the crash. One player can play ultimately comfortably but it's a train wreck when someone else joins. PC capability is fine (RAM and all). Anything that sticks out we would love to know, and trust that we didn't just go crying to the internet right away, we've spent hours trying to fix this but if there needs to be less interference on the home network like playing at our own homes that might work, otherwise we pretty much hit a brick wall when we tried to do the multiplayer thing. Here's the report. *NOPE*
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