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  1. You have to select the older version of tppi and re download it. When on your launcher, before launch the tppi pack, there should be an option for which version you want, just select the older one, I do not remember exactly which one the server is running.
  2. Thanks for the access, is the IP the same as it is for the TPPI server?
  3. Wait there is a inifinity server? Are we allowed to get on or are you working on it?
  4. Thank god, I think Alchenst (I forget their exact name) base was causing problems because their base was chunk loaded. The problem with their base was that they used alot of the Thermal Exspansion conduits, which are bugged in this current version. They are known to cause problems for servers like lag.
  5. IGN: browniehound Age: 17 Location: Texas Time Played: 4-5 years I keep playing because of the limitlessness of the game, especially with modpacks like TPPI, there is always more to do than you think.
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