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  1. I Meant To Say 11 trolololooloolololololololo
  2. Classes: Druid, Rogue, Medicine Man Races: Undead, Worgen, Troll Bonus:After You Get To Level 10 On All Races And Classes You Unlock The Ability To Play As An DUH DUH DUH!!!!!!! EarthWorm They Cant Wield Anything Or Wear Any Armor Or Be Any Class But They Can Move Through Dirt, Gravel, Sand, Clay, and Snow They Should Also Get A Custom Avatar That Looks Like A Worm With Fangs SO People Don't Think That They Hack Their Abilities Are Devour: Eat The Dirt, Sand, Gravel, Clay, Or Snow Block In Front Of You To Instantly Regain Health Uber Drill: Move Really Fast Leap: Fly Through The Air Demolish: Eat A Human Or Mob for a One Hit K.O Note: EarthWorms Aim Really Bad Where They Hit At Is Completely Random
  3. age: redmageman do you have skype: Yes redmageman can you host a hack/mine server: No do you have hamachi(if the host needs it you need to): No
  4. IGN: redmageman Can you host a server?: No Do you Cheat for items or play legit? Legit do you have skype or team speak? Skype/Teamspeak: redmageman What class would you be: Halfling Mage Any other info we should know: .............