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  1. Ign-jordanis1 Age-16 Something about myself- I like to play this modpack and ive been playing since it came out and I feel that I can bring a lot to this modpack
  2. IGN-jordanis1 Age-16 Why do you want to join the sever?- I like playing with people and getting to know them and I have fun playing in a group of people type setting How often would you play?- 2-3 hours a day on most week days and about 4-6 on weekend days TeamSpeak?-not right now but I can if one is needed Any other info u feel is necessary- I have been playing attack of the b-team for along time now and I know most of the mods very well and I hope to help bring a sorta person wiki to the sever. I hope you accept my application and have a nice day
  3. IGN-jordanis1 age-16 Exp-5-6 months worth of gameplay Skype-none as of now
  4. im interested in joining this sever ive played on other severs and looking forward to bring my xp over cant wait to hear back
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