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  1. i cant think of anything to check with my pc.. my ping is fine and the internet line is great but for some reason im just not getting the packets from my pc sent to the server.. even tho they're all sending. this is really weird because for mulitplayer games like garry's mod and CS:GO im fine.
  2. i just did this at 19:03 if you want to check server logs. its the same thing, but this time i started floating then all i saw on the screen was me being trapped in solid stone haha.
  3. the ping of the server im trying to join is 550ms there are 0 dropped packets from testing on www.pingtest.net testing my speed test has shown i have excellent ping haha :// many other people can log onto the server my ping is 34ms the line quality is A with 4.9 MOS. My isp scored 3/5. when i join servers i connect fine what happens is the chunk dosent load, it comes up on the far top right map mod but i see nothing besides the sun and particle affects when i get below bedrock level from falling. its not a specific chunk its everywhere. This happens for every single server its not specifically this one. Plus when i load a single player world its fine, normal attack of the b team. i cant imagine it being my PC's fault becuase the FPS usually will go up to heights of 600 when im falling..
  4. So basically my pc is fine but whenever I join a server I just fall and fall. The sun or moon is loaded along with the clouds and my PC is working at a good 125fps. Im also giving it 3gb memory in the launcher settings so thats not a problem either. i also tried giving it more like 6 but still i just fall through a map. So if anyone has any help they can give please do. Ples hlep mi.