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  1. This Is CastleKing42 And I Would Like To Be A Moderator Please Consider I am 15 years old I will be on this server for about an hour a day if not more I Have A Skype Account But I Dont Have Teamspeak My Phone Number Is 805 746 9634 My E-mail Is [email protected] Real Name Is Jason Jacober I have Played On This Server For about 8 months I have been staff on mine-plex, EgoCraftPvP, And On Eswarm Reason I Want To Be Staff: I want to be staff because I have played on this server for a long time and even though I have had some problems in the past im tr
  2. Need A Home ? Im accepting. I need some helpers and some friends ven if you dont know alot about tekkit
  3. Were Do I Apply For Moderator For Generic Land ?
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