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  1. Minecraft username: PixelatedStone How you found out about this server? Technicpack forums Why you want to be on this sever? I've recently discovered this modpack and I wanna play It in multiplayer and without pluguins and griefers What are you planning on doing on the server? Create a place with too much aura nodes (From Thaumcraft), purify the tainted biome(s) of the world and do a mana factory for the Botania users Your favourite minecraft mod? Thaumcraft
  2. Minecraft Username: PixelatedStone Age: Teenager Timezone: Bahia(Brazil) How many I play per day: 4.5 hours
  3. IGN: PixelatedStone Age:13 Experience and what your specialty is: I known a bit of XNA and java and I'm intermediate in redstone and industrial mods Favourite mod: Thermal Expansion Have Teamspeak/Skype and a mic?: No Company name: In Blank
  4. Name(IGN):PixelatedStone Age:13 Why I want join: I'm looking for a modded server(because I don't like play alone) without people stealing me an griefing my buildings
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