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  1. I have found an issue with qcraft. With glass obsidian and ice all conflicting qcraft teleporters are basically useless.
  2. I am not sure if this is fixable but is there a way you could fix it so we can use netherrack tools and cobblestone tools? There is an error with chisel because they replace the vanilla blocks so it does not allow certain tcon mechwork things like the igniter. Thanks!
  3. Yea I agree with foxyfire please add the new witchery <3
  4. With the new version of sync 2.2.3 this bug is fixed. But as of 2.2.2 everytime you go into a new shell it deletes your inventory. PLEASE UPDATE
  5. Hey I am having some issues with my modpack... I made a video (and I know I sound young) to sorta say what is going on. It is a private modpack but if you need to replicate the bug the modpack is in the vid desc Here is the crash reports.
  6. I have tried but it crashes
  7. I tried it on the bare bones pack and it told me ID errors only Not sure if thats it tho
  8. Here is the console
  9. I have tried and tried but I just cant get it to work... here is the screenies of the installed mods