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  1. As a Staff member and regular player on Apoc Attack of the B-Team, I have made great friends and have had a whale of a time. The mod pack has much to do, with many different mods like Thermal Expansion and Minefactory Reloaded, Tinkers Construct to Advanced Genetics. It's an all round fun mod pack for you and your friends. I enjoy spending time on this server. I like to build and with different Chisel blocks, it makes my creations stand out. The Apoc community is the best you'll find anywhere, friendly staff who are willing to help and keep you on track to get you on your way to becoming well infused into the mod pack. You won't find another server like ours out there. There are also custom plugins to make your gameplay a lot more easier and fun to play. Teleportation, to be able to get to your friends quickly or randomly teleport to a random spot to start a base. Or there is economy, so you can buy things fro our admin shop or maybe start your own shop at spawn. Best thing is, we are always working on the server and make it new to you all the time, we can add new plugins that players enjoy and there are also great kits in the server shop for you to buy. Supporter ranks will give you commands to help make your gameplay a lot easier, like /fly or /feed. So why not join Apocalyptic Attack of the B-Team now and start having some proper fun and always no that you are listened to if you need any help. Hope to see you soon. Global Deus Jabba687 (Apoc Head Staff)
  2. - My Review of Apoc Gaming Tech RPG - Hi, my name is James (player name jabba687). I have been a TRPG player for about 6 months. This is a great server for anyone to play, with many mods to keep you busy for days. I enjoy this server as it has a lot going for it. The amount of mods and plugins make it a really special server and the fact it has great staff and players too, it feel just like a family to me. The first thing I like to point out is the way it feels. You can come on and be greeted by everyone, they are all friendly and have great personalities. They all have creativity so there is always something new to see in the world itself. If you know the mods quite well, then it's not to hard of a start, as you can get going pretty quickly and have a great time building your base from ground up and showing others your creation. Another thing I enjoy is it's spawn, it has a huge spawn building with many plots to buy or rent, so you too can have a shop to sell all your leftover minerals or modded items in. As the server has an economy, you can buy and sell items as long as you have the items or the money to do so. The other cool thing is there is an admin shop, which let's you buy stuff from the server and it's mostly vanilla stuff, things to help you out when you've just started. When you join the Tech RPG server, you can also vote and earn rewards, things like diamonds and cookies. There is a shop on the forums to buy supporter ranks, which means you can get special commands like /fly and /feed. And be able to buy /kits which means you don't need to mine so much if you purchase a /kit fasteliteminer which gives you 64 of each vanilla ore every 84 hours (3.5 days). You can also get claim blocks, which is how you claim your area to build your base, it's a grief prevention plugin that stops people from destroying or taking your hard earned materials. This server has been good to me from the very start and that is why I am now a supporter. This server is a family to me, it has great staff and friendly players. They spend their time to help and play with us and expect nothing in return. I'd like to thank Zilacon (Prime Admin or Server Owner) for all the hard work he has put in, to keep this server great and also to keep this server fun! Thank you all for reading my review, I hope to see you there! Jabba687 (James Cable)