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  1. In-game name: Garrawsh Why would you like to join the server: I would like to join this server because from what I've seen it's a professional server and I'd like to be part of it.
  2. Minecraft username: Garrawsh How you found out about this server? I was looking for a texture pack and I somehow got a link to this thread. Why you want to be on this sever? I would like to play on this server because I'm looking for a community which is not very large and I don't have to be afraid that my base is going to be griefed while I work on my projects What are you planning on doing on the server? I like playing around with mod packs that involve technology ( MFR, Thermal Expansion , etc. ) so I guess I'll do something related to that. Your favourite minecraft mod? I can't pick only one so I'll just tell my favorites: Mekanism, MFR , Thermal Expansion