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  1. I am looking for the Big Dig patch for Sphax. I am hoping for a x32 version. ANy help will be gladly welcome because I have looked everywhere and found nothing.
  2. Okay, I will try, but I am a total noob to all of this. I just started playing Minecraft back in August/September, so I hope I can do this for my friends and me. Thank you Torezu.
  3. Hello everyone. As you can see, I am new to the Technicpack, well, not really since I have played Team-B with a YouTube Crew once, but I never joined the site until today. Anyways, I want to know how to make a server using Hexxit so my friends, my boyfriend, and me can play together. It would not be a problem to open up my singleplayer world to them if they were here close by, but both eddmos, my boyfriend, and BAZZCH, his friend who is now a friend of mine, live in Britain, thetrueazure (TTA), a friend of eddmos' and mine from a website we met on, lives in the Midwest of the US, and I live on the east coast in the US, so doing that is not really going to do anything for us, so I need a server for me and my crew. If anyone will help us, that would be wonderful and I will even say your username through the whole first episode of our Hexxit series to give you credit.