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  2. Please visit,


    1. Jay?


      I seriously have absolutely no idea why you are apologizing to me. I mean, sure, just post well, and we'll get along fine.

  3. Jay?, after you finish reading the post, may you please remove this topic
  4. also the magic number is not 17
  5. well ive been working on a really big map and dont have any time to update the maps
  6. why, i relized that i took something from the wrong house why is it denied also it says my temp ban will go away in 7 days 4 days ago and still it says 7 days?
  7. if you unban me i will remove mine but this is not a command okay all i am saying is if you unban me i will remove my pipes
  8. now i remember what i did wrong In-game username:tiffit Who were you banned by?:dont know What were you banned for?:griefing When were you banned?:about 4 days ago Do you admit fault?:yes What was your rank?member Why should you be unbanned?:because i made a mistake and it wont happen again i will tell you the mistake later Extra Information:love this server
  9. 2 maps are removed from the lottery
  10. Re: Tekkify - [3.0.4] [Protections, EE/CC Disabled & More!] thanks k going 2 wait 7 more days
  11. Re: Tekkify - [3.0.4] [Protections, EE/CC Disabled & More!] why ididnt do anything promise also if i did then let me see the logs :/
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