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  1. Upload your screenshots to imgur, and click the button that says make album, copy the link in the address bar and PM it to me or post it here
  2. Microhamster, you are accepted to the server. Welcome and have a great time here. You can PM me your Skype and I will add you.
  3. Microhamster, please fill out the entire application, we just want proof you can build something half decent. RKilljoy, use imgur.com to upload your screenshots and post them here by copying the imgur link and putting it in the picture poster feature on this site. It is located on the top bar of the post editing box. It looks like a picture with a tree. Also one more thing Microhamster, we do believe you, and Rachel to be seemingly nice people, but we just need some proof that you can build. It doesn't have to be your very best creation, it just has to be something to prove that you can build something that isn't an eyesore. I recommend building something nice in creative mode to show us a little preview of what you can do. When you both have pictures of your builds in your application, we can accept you onto the server. Also, the secret word was removed, so you are fine.
  4. We trimmed it down a lot, Nefzen went the extra mile and put about 10 pictures in it, though. EDIT: When Imagica wakes up we will review your application, Nefzen
  5. EDIT: Improved the overall quality of the thread, added an extra paragraph with our city system, and removed two parts from the application. We found these two questions pointless and we decided that removing them altogether would make people happier. I have also made the application more specific, bolding and emphasizing that you need screenshots of your builds. I had originally thought this would be obvious, but it seems it isn't. And one last thing for you more private people, I have removed the necessity of the first name in the application. Adding it is optional, and shows us that you aren't a hermit, which gives you brownie points. The real last thing is I bolded the word "word" so you know that that font size and formatting is the word you should be looking for. Good luck on getting in to the server! We really wish to see you there.
  6. Imagica and I can tell if a creation is ripped or not. Whenever we see and application, we check their post history, all of the minecraft fansites, such as Planet Minecraft, google images, etc. All of the applications that have been declined so far have just been because of incompleteness. The extra word is there for fail safe, but if your application is extraordinary, with a lot of detail, and you seem like a nice person, we will most likely include you in on the server. Having the word just shows that you care enough to actually read through the thread and see what the server is all about. If we cannot find the picture, we will assume you are genuine.
  7. XxEnderMan12xX, you are declined because you did not fill out the entire application. Also, I would recommend deleting your last name from the application, as that is too much personal information.
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