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  1. Sorry if I haven't been as active as I should (this is darkth btw). I'll try to get right back in to playing online daily again soon.
  2. Your age: 24 Country: United states of america Reason we should pick you: Because I tend to be a chill person most of the time. The way you like to play: On mountains, deserts hills, and/or underground. I tend to hate building in flat biomes. Favourite mods: tinker's contruct and natura
  3. Behold the first building of my underground hell kingdom!
  4. Welp I been thinking about it for a a bit and have decided to try one more time to make a proper application. Why yes to all you lurkers out there I am insane or something . First name: Michael In game name: darkth Age: 20 Banned?: Never been banned but have seen inside of a server's jail system (someone didn't like my jokes) Best creation screenshots: I don't have screenshots of my best creation, but I do have screenshots of what I've been doing on a server I've hang out on for a few weeks ^^^^ Elvis giving the death glare for catching him doing number 1 behind the farm Skype, required: Lightcherry832 (don't expect much since I don't have a mic and prefer teamspeak instead of skype ) Reasoning for applying: Because I'm interested in seeing what this server has to offer and because I'm having fun so far watching this thread. It could be fun building a nice nether woody fort somewhere in that custom landscape. I can't really think of any other reason for appling honestly since I'm a man/lady/dog of few words. I'm also a chicken trap in a human body who is also inside someone's head while they sleep. <--- is that detailed enough for you senpai. Also this was a agrarian skies modpack server that I was on for anyone wondering.
  5. Alright I feel satisfy. I thank you for feeding my curiosity. I'll throw a few more likes your way to help you get some street cred for the speedy and well-thought out answers. I don't plan to join the server but from what I've seen so far I think others would be totally happy on your server. No more questions and you folks have a nice day
  6. Understandable and I do hope my questions are not getting to annoying. Also I would like a answer if possible for the part of my post about people using false proof about their creations. Edit: you folks seem kinda nice which is why I just want everything to be as clear as possible. it's not unreasonable in my point of view that if you expect players to go the extra mile for your server that the server does the same for those wishing to join.
  7. true that I've lose interest to join the server, but I still find this thread interesting. I don't see whats wrong asking a few questions and finding out more. Plus I'm sure there are some lurkers out there who would love some answers for questions that may be sticking in the back of their skulls, but are too afraid to ask or where/what/why of your application process it seems very fun honestly. Edit: Also posting keeps it at the top of the custom server list so more players are seeing it which means more try to join. isn't that a good thing?
  8. Couldn't most people lie and just build something in creative mode, using that as "proof" of creations claiming they did it legitimately. Also couldn't they just find some screenshots from old minecraft server websites (not from google images since that would be to easy to confirm as false). I do think the hiding the word in your original post in the thread seems kinda unclear because many people could assume you mean the bold purple word as being it or word as use in slang http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Word. Hell could just mean "talk to us in skype" how many people would get the line under word as the clue unless they read my posts pointing it out which if they are like most players aren't gonna pay attention to what they assume is application posts all the way down under your first post.
  9. wait... is the word those letters with the single line under them. If so the word is (sorry folks I was ask to deleted it) hooray I'm not as brain damaged as I thought.
  10. That's a nice offer but I'm gonna have to declined. Seems to much effort to check out a server to see if I like it or not, but thanks for answering some questions.
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