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  1. Update released so please update to 1.7 otherwise you may crash or get critical errors from forge. Forge - Updated Cofh ALL - Updated
  2. Update v1.6 now ready for download. Small Performance increase for Laptops and dual-core cpu users and now only loads the pack on Java 7+. Java 8 is still recommended. ThuamCraft - Updated NetherOres - Updated RedstoneArsenal - Updated Thermal Expansion - Updated Thermal Dynamics - Added/Updated MineFactory Reloaded - Updated Thermal Foundation - Updated Pneumatic Craft - Updated RefinedRelocation - Updated Open Computers - Updated Project E - Updated ProjectRed All - Updated Hardcore Ender Expansion - Updated Java 7 Checker - Re-added DecoCraft - Re-added following bug fixing AutoMagy - Updated
  3. v1.5 update ready for download with the following changes: Steve's Workshop - Added Gendustry - Added EnderZoo - Added EnderTech - Added Dragonic Evolution - Added AppleCore - Removed DecoCraft - Temp Removed (bug fixing)
  4. Honestly, there isn't a real definitive way to prove its theirs. An example that would help though is a chat message in the world then we could just match their screenshot name with their application name.
  5. Having this type of application proves to us they have read the post fully and are a worthy member to join the server. I will admit some is confusing, the word part in particular but this is a "fail safe" thing to make sure nobody is copying your application. If you do have some questions by all means share them and i'll gladly answer them for you.
  6. We're asking for as much detail as possible as we don't want the server littered with random, unfinished and/or bad builds.