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  1. I'd like to play here with a friend Minecraft usernames: Itajai and asavva How you found out about this server? through the tppi technic pack server list Why you want to be on this sever? we'd like to experience tppi on a server together in a peaceful enviroment but cannot host our own What are you planning on doing on the server? building, crafting, mining, exploring. what else is there? Your favourite minecraft mod? though i cannot name my personal favourite, his is thaumcraft and mine are the building mods such as carpenter's
  2. Also, I'd like you to add a frend of mine, his info is: IGN)Itajai Age)15 Location)Latvia How long have you been playing Minecraft)about 2 years What keeps you playing Minecraft?)he likes mining and exploring, as well as messing around with mods
  3. IGN) asavva Age) 15 Location) Latvia How long have you been playing Minecraft) about 3 years, have been taking breaks though What keeps you playing Minecraft?) i like building and mining, mostly, new mods get me excited as well
  4. Also I'd like to get my friend whitelisted His IGN is: Itajai Age: 15 Country:Latvia Skype/Teamspeak: no He will not be recording/streaming He enjoys exploring and pve He accepts the server's rules
  5. Hello, I'd like to join the server My IGN is: asavva Age: 15 Country: Latvia I use both teamspeak and skype I will most likely not be streaming or recording on the server I really enjoy playing with different mods, and also building I accept all the server's rules
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