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  1. Hi, I hope you read this, I have a request to add for hexxit, I would like to know if you guys could add more magic based mod, I feel hexxit is lacking an essence of magic. Ive played on a hexxit server for a week i defeated all dungeons and got the hexxit armor... It needs to be more challenging. I looked at the hexxit mods and I feel its more rpg than magic and It needs a balance of Both to make it better, I was expecting for instance Blood Magic which is very popular but it was lacking it, Ars Magica 2? Hell even add a chess sorting system, Ae is to techy so to keep the magic field I would suggest project red because its easier. Ill give you mods I think should be added, Blood Magic, Ars Magica 2, Dragon Mounts( Most importantly I think people would love dragon mounts) Thaum Craft even and to keep the peace add Mine factory reloaded so we can make naga spawners and stuff. It needs more magic in my opinion. Sorry for the long message but I feel it needs more magic its just rpg
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