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  1. Re: ۞ TekkitCraft ۞ [128 Slots, Highly populated and modified] [20 Slots 3.0.0] I'm Sorry But Is The Server Down (It Might Be Me)?
  2. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] ok thanks, i appreciate your help.
  3. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] Ban Appeal: 1. I don't think there is any ethical reason to why I am banned. 2. I have recently started up a town via towny. (this shows i have put time and effort into your server). 3. I was thinking of donating but now I am doubting that. 4. I really love this server and hope to join it again 5. I am sincerely sorry for what I did and will never put a foot wrong ever again. 6. This is one of the best servers I have ever played on and I wouldn't like to put all my hard work to waste. 7. Thanks for the thought. 8. IGN: plop1999