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  1. Thanks. Currently we're with MPServe for our server host. Always looking for new players. play.sgccraft.com
  2. SGC Craft Tekkit Lite 1.6.4 About us: SGC Craft is a custom 1.6.4 Tekkit Lite modpack with many popular mods. We are a family oriented free build server with plenty of space to build. There's no griefing and no PVP outside of designated areas. Come and build to your hearts content. 24/7 Hosted server located on the east coast US. Daily backups and coreprotect is always active. No whitelist! Family server rules apply. No cursing, griefing and pvp only in designated areas. Dedicated Quarry server for donators! Player and Staff owned shops. Own your own shop! Towny. Join an existing town or start your own town. Towns are protected against grief from outsiders. How to install: 1: Search for SGCLite in your technic launcher or 2: Visit our modpack at: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/sgclite.568922 3: Install the modpack and click "Play" 4: Our server address play.sgccraft.com will already appear in the 'multiplayer' tab. Visit our website at http://mc-sgc.enjin.com for info or more help Mods of mention: Applied Energistics rv14.finale3 ExtraCells 1.6.8 BuildCraft 4.2.2 Thermal Expansion IndustrialCraft 2 2.0.354-experimental Advanced Machines 57.1.2 Atomic Science Backpack 1.28.37 ComputerCraft 1.58 MineFactory Reloaded 2.7.8 Big Reactors 0.3.0A Compact Solar Arrays 4.4.21 Equivalent Exchange 3 Project Red MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits And so many more! Gallery: Inside Spawn Outside Spawn Shops area
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