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  1. Since i know a lot of people on this forum played the original voltz, i have decided to post about my recreation/remake of Blastcraft, It adds most of the blocks the original added, and even more! For those who are curious, it currently adds a huge assortment of blastproof blocks, all the way from blastproof bricks, to blastproof rails and torches. For a complete list of content i would recommend checking the official documentation for blastcraft located here: http://hennamann.github.io/BlastCraft/#!index.md. You can download the mod from curseforge(only stable builds) or if you want a dangerous but more cutting edge version check the drone.io build server located here: https://drone.io/github.com/Hennamann/BlastCraft/files. For changelogs on every version aswell as independent download links check here: http://hennamann.github.io/BlastCraft/#!changelog.md. As for 1.8, i'm currently working on it, and i hope to have it released sometime mid-march to end-march. I am a part of the BuiltBroken team, so i have the rights to recreate blastcraft, For those interested, the builtbrokenmodding website is located here: http://www.builtbroken.com/