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  1. 1. What is your Skype? Jnorman2467 2. When are you able to play? Everyday 3. What is your Age? (I am 16 but no restrictions) 12 4. Do you troll or like to play prank's on others? Minor pranks sometimes 5. What Country are you in. America 6. What is your Time Zone? (I am Eastern Time) Central 7. Do you have any Anger Issues or something I should be prepared for?. Nope 8. How experienced are you with Modded Survival? 9. What type of computer do you have? (High End/ Low End/) Custom High End 10. What do you Record with?Fraps 11. Will you put my YouTube channel in the description if you record and mention me? Of course. 12. Do you have Hamachi. (Ill tell the reason when you fill out the form) Yes I do
  2. Hey I was getting really tired of playing Tekkit by myself and I want 2-3 people to join me! If you are interested please leave your... -Skype -Experience level 1-10 (if your a noob put one if your a master put 10)