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  1. I want to post a status update with all things I've tried the last days. So first of all, it's working now. Not how I wanted, but it works . I tried to use a subdomain for Solder, yesterday I figured out that this caused my problem with Solder not syncing with the platform or the launcher. I can't say it was plesk's or my fault and I won't look into it anymore, so sorry for the folks that are running into the same problems with subdomains and plesk. So I've tried it using my main domain. Some problems occurred there with Solder itself, I think that this was caused by poorly configured settings
  2. Thanks for your help man, I really appreciate that! URL: http://goo.gl/BMmmO0 Never used IRC before so I will look into that tomorrow.
  3. If this is the download link you've entered as a modpack location on technicpack.net you have to make sure that in the modpack.zip are directly the folders called /bin with the modpack.jar (forge) and in the folder /mods all mods you want to be in the modpack. So it should look like this when you open your modpack.zip modpack.zip /bin /config /mods ... <--- other files u want to add tho the modpack. Yours is looking like this now: modpack.zip /modpack /bin /config /mods --- So you need to copy all files located in the folder /modpack directly into the mo
  4. You can do it the same way you are doing it with mods and config files. Just enter the server in your minecraft mutliplayer server list and copy the server.dat of your minecraft main directory in your modpack.zip
  5. I'm using Solder, builds are published and not private (apart from 1.0 and 1.2 ~ like in my screenshot @ my first post). Recommended is set to build 5415, launcher is JUST showing build 7/97/9 (there isn't any other build shown in the dropdown menu) and on my modpack page at technicpack.net Version 5415 is shown. When I'm trying to install my modpack using the launcher the error in the second screenshot appears. Thank you for your help! ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >
  6. @Amaxter: I thought that something like that could 'cause my problem' but I've waited 12+ hours now and still just one build that can't be downloaded is shown in the Launcher. Technicpack.net is still showing a different version. @ Nentify: Where are the log files located? Can't find them in my solder insall directory.
  7. Hey guys, hope to get some help here while I'm trying to resolve my problem since yesterday morning. I want to use Solder with my Modpack. The configuration and installation worked fine, I installed all dependencies for Solder and got no errors. I created new mods in Solder, made a modpack and linked it to my modpack here on technicpack.net. Everything worked fine until now. I've tried to roll out a now build for my modpack, but the mod version under my modpacks name isn't refreshing. The Technic Launcher is just showing Version 1.0, but I can't download it, getting just an error that a specif
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