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  1. IGN: Twinskies Age (14 or above is fine): 19 Why would you like to join the server (At least a sentence or two): I'm looking for a server to get back into, I m a very dedicated player once i'm doing a pack that i like on a server that i like. Will you follow rules: Yeah, I'd be playing at least 2-3 hours a day as well.
  2. When i go to download the pack it says broken api link Ah- the launcher is experiencing issues right now. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  3. IGN: Twinskies Age:19 in a week Random Fact About You?:I'm a back of the house specialist at bob evans Why You Want To Join:Trying new modpacks and getting back into minecraft What other games do you enjoy?: COD, 7 days to die, league of legends, fifa, madden, stuff like that What Experience in Minecrat Mods Do You Have:I've played a crap load of modpacks in my time Any Comments/Questions About the Server or Anything?: Nah i mean im just trying to get into a modded server, more difficult than i first thought
  4. IGN: Twinskies Reason: I'm getting back into minecraft and Need a dedicated server to play on. What will you do on the server: I'll be dedicated probably play close to everyday for a couple hours. Age(dosent really matter): 19