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    @dwwojcik when I tried before i Just put in the Core Mods and some easy to do mods that I have installed before like BuildCraft and Industrial Craft.
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    I have tried to make it before and it did't work, our servers tech guy couldn't get it either.
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    Literally nothing... Been posted for 3 days at least.
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    I want to get a Mod pack for my server. I am running a Futuristic/Modern server. Below is the list of Mods I would like. I would prefer if you could make it on the Technicpack site. Preferably Named: NeotericCraft Mods List: Forge Code Chicken Core Misc Peripherals Not Enough Items Power Crystals Core Advanced Machines Advanced Solarpanels Applied Energistics BiblioCraft Buildcraft ChargePads Chicken Chunks Computercraft EE3 Ender Storage Extrabees Extrabiomes Factorization Flat Bedrock Forestry GraviGun Gravisuite GregTech Industrialcraft2 Nuclear Control ImmibisCore InvTweaks IronChest Mine Factory Reloaded Modular Forcefield System Modular Powersuits NEI Plugins Nether Ores Obsidiplates Omnitools Petrogen PortalGun Power Converters Railcraft Redpower SecretRooms Soulshards Steves Carts Thaumcraft ThaumicBees Thermal Expansion Tubestuff Voxelmods Wireless Redstone XReliquary Xycraft CodeChickenCore by chicken_bones Inventory Tweaks by Kobata Not Enough Items by chicken_bones Railcraft by CovertJaguar Rei's Minimap by ReiFNSK Assembly Line by Calclavia Atomic Science by Calclavia Basic Components by Calclavia BlastCraft by cammygames Electric Expansion by Mattredsox and Alex_Hawks Fluid Mechanics by DarkGuardsman ICBM by Calclavia Mekanism by Aidancbrady Mekanism Generators by Aidancbrady Mekanism Tools by Aidancbrady MFFS by ThunderDark Modular Power Suits by MachineMuse GalacticCraft Jammy's Furniture Mod Flans Planes Mod
  5. I love this server, The staff is friendly, funny, and helpful. I reccomend using teamspeak when you join too. Definatly worth a +1. I love that they have a mining world with loads of ore, a PvP world where you can nuke people, and an overworld where you can make your factories for the PvP world, and main bases
  6. Also, If you need to contact Admins Do so here www.mctowncraft.enjin.com
  7. we just upgraded the systems to a 4 Gb RAM in order to stabilize the server more, We also hopefully will have a spawn soon, we are working on getting a Multiverse Plugin since the one i normally use wont work.
  8. Thank you Thorda, And Reggie, King_logan has been taken care of thank you for the report, and isaiah We were unexpected by how popular it was going to be and are working on upping the RAM being pumped into the server.
  9. ~The Rebellion~ ~No Mercy~ Use Voltz Recommended Build We are a server that Focuses on War, Greif and All around Havoc, Even our admins get in on the fun and have a compleatly legit base, Out admins are not like other servers, We play alongside our members and only act like admins when someone is breaking a rule (Read below for rules). We make it our goal to create the best War server we can, map resets are rare, we only do them when the map gets too bad. have fun! *NEW* Donators Features: Locking Chest and Doors Shops/Trade post Ip: We have Bukkit! Website: Website focuses on tekkit and Voltz server. http://www.mctowncraft.enjin.com Plugins: Essentials Factions (Working on fixing it) iConomy TreeAssist WorldBorder Nolagg GroupManager RULES: 1) No Excessive cussing 2)No Anti or Red Matter missile, They are Over Powered. 3)Dont ask for items and rank 4)Respect Admins and Higher Ranks Disabled Mods: None Banned Items: Red Matter Missiles Anti Matter Missiles Red Matter Bombs Anti Mater Bombs Uptime: 24/7 Occasional Maintnace, Restart daily at 12:00AM EST Owner: budpup67 Administrators: king_logan, dcomando15 Moderators: sk8terdude42, WonderfulAxis8 Video Comming Soon
  10. The servers have been fixxed. Feel free to join, voltz now has bukkit
  11. I want to make A radar alarm in 1.0.11 but i cant seem to get the radar to output a redstone signal, i have the Safezone at 100 and the alarm range at 400 am i going something wrong?
  12. [0.5.2] McTownCraft [PvP,PvE][20 Slots] [No EE] [Towny] [GroupManager] What Urainium? We have two servers, We have a Voltz Mass war server At: and a Tekkit lite server at We are a Town based server, you must apply to create a town and can apply every 2 weeks for a promotion. The tekkit lite server has a few basic rules, Dont Greif, Dont swear, Dont ask for promotion in the server, dont ask for op/creative/admin rank. You can donate for perks on the server. Its alot of fun and we all are riends on the server. The Voltz server is a Massive war, Its map resets after it is destroyed, We encourage PvP on that server and everyone is for themselves, you can team up with people or go alone but just be careful, the only missles that are banned are the Matter missles, Have fun!
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