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  1. I've tried both Java 7 64-bit and Java 8 64-bit and both all cause Technic Launcher to stop working all of a sudden. Only 32-bit is working now.. I need 64-bit so I don't have to uninstall Java 32-bit and reinstall Java 64-bit every time I need to use a 64-bit Java application. I am using Windows 7 64-bit. This never used to happen although..
  2. Hello, I have tried any versions of Java for Windows(7-8), 32 and 64-bit, online and offline to try to fix this issue. I am unable to access the Red Power RedBus GUI for changing the ID's of my Red Power computer items using the screwdriver and Sonic Screwdriver. I would like to address that this is NOT an issue on Tekkit Classic using a different version of the mod on an older(1.2.5) version of MineCraft. I do NOT want this mod removed, I would just like to know why it has stopped working all of a sudden..
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