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  1. I still get the NEI crash when i right click or tap u on it.
  2. I'm a total retard, never mind man. I get it.
  3. to be exact the modpack isn't loading it goes to the mojang screen and then is stuck when it is initializing. This is a more recent crash
  4. i can put the crash report in but it's really long
  5. If I use the updated Biomes O' Plenty my Technic Pack keeps crashing.
  6. I don't know what it has to do with the crashing but i'll do it.
  7. I have dicided to remove mariculture and i can start the modpack now but whenever i press u or right mouse button on an item in the NEI tab it crashes. I tried to read the crash report but did not understand what causes the crash.
  8. Got it ! and updated my pack, now it got to the mojang loading screen and then crashed again and brought me to the tachnic launcher.
  9. I already have Enchiridion (2-1.7.10-2.0e) and can't see wich files are random things for forge/MC 1.8
  10. owh sorry i made another one by accident. But i still have the same issue. It loads the assets and everything, but it doesn't launch my game it just closes and takes me back to the Technic Launcher.
  11. I did everything you said but like i already thought the modpack still didn't work ;(. If you could look at it you would make my day i have updated it on my dropbox.
  12. So i did most of them, the ones I couldn't do are liteloader, ( can't find the jar-form u talked about just the installer) I also have the same issue with the Voxelmodpack ( i need the voxels map,cam,lib,menu and player) and I can't find a decent thaumic tinkerer jar . Here's my updated modpack :
  13. So, I just made myself my first modpack (PutPack). Everything seemed to go well, until i tried to download and play my modpack from the technic Launcher. It loads the assets and evrything, but it doesn't launch the game. It just closes and takes me back to the Tachnic Launcher. I also have a gut feeling that there is something else wrong so i would like to have someone else look at my mods because there are a lot of them. There will definitly be a problem withe the mods . My mods: My ModPack: