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  1. There is a mod in the pack that is conficting and needs to be updated on the Dark Trilogy modpack its botiana it needs to be updated from 154 to 158 and then the pack will load.
  2. I have been on this server for a while now. This is the best current Big Dig pack server there is up. The owner Powerpin is a great guy his staff and mods are always on and helpful. The way he has the items setup with admin shops and player market is great. He does have a few items banned but everything that is banned is banned for good reason. If I see you online yell at me I never mind helping others and will set you up with some starter items.
  3. If you want a reliable tekkit server to play on, you should join mine.


  4. Cant open the chat window. Thank you, I was thinking along those lines that it was not enabled for single player. I did try to install SPC and it is still not being loaded. I have an older version of the Tech Pack that I installed myself instead of using the launcher and I had SPC already installed and that is prob why I just assumed that it worked for Single Player.
  5. Launcher/pack Version: Operating System: 7 home prem (64bit) Version of Java: 7u4 Description of Problem: Can not open the T chat interface. (T is set to open chat) Error Messages:none Link to pastebin of log: none