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  1. ​Well I run the launcher just for vanilla Minecraft so I can allocate 1gb of ram to it and then it works just fine on low settings. That seems a little flawed though to not be able to change the launcher size. It's just a little inconvenient to have to move it around whenever I want to launch it on the netbook.
  2. Ran into a little bit of an issue after installing the launcher to my CrunchBook for the first time just now; the launcher itself works fine and is fully functional, however its resolution is too large for my screen so I can't see all of the launcher window. There's no setting to change the launcher resolution in the settings, so I was wondering if there was a manual fix, such as launching it using a --resolution command or some such equivalent? I'm using it on a netbook so the resolution is quite small (1024x600). I can move the window around using alt+click with no issues, it's simply a mino
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