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  1. Weird. It's working now and I haven't done anything to it since I first created it yesterday. I checked and iChunUtil was updated to 4.1.0 I also couldn't find a CustomMobSpawner for 1.7.10 Thanks... I guess? Why did it do that though?
  2. Does that mean I don't have a bin? I'm pretty sure I do. (Sorry, I'm new to modpacks)
  3. I have a modpack and when I try to play it using the Technic Launcher it loads and then brings me back to the launcher. I have tried deleting it and re-installing it and it doesn't work. The URL to the download is https://copy.com/xEYl99neAYaY87GS The URL I'm using for the modpack is https://copy.com/xEYl99neAYaY87GS?download=1 I have the version set to 1.7.10 Please help!
  4. Thank you! That worked! I'm using 1.7.2 because people don't know how to install Forge and Forge mods and I can't get them to update but now that I have a modpack, I can!
  5. I created a modpack so that people who don't know how to use Forge could go on my Forge server. When I installed it and played it, all it did was load vanilla 1.7.2. I checked the .technic folder and all of the mods were there so I don't know what's wrong. Here's the link to the modpack here: https://copy.com/MZqRjzYW8CR7si2q I also tried adding "?download=1" to the end but that didn't work. Please help! Here's some info: Reproduction rate: This happened 3 out of 3 times I tried it. Steps to reproduce: I open the launcher, run the modpack, observe the result. Type of bug: Not sure what kind of bug this is. Expected result: The Dalek Mod title screen and the ability to cannot to my Forge server. Observed result: Vanilla 1.7.2 Minecraft I'm using Java 7 (because I'm too lazy to do the Java 8 fix)
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