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  1. Minecraft username: jpcguy89How you found out about this server? TPPI Server List Why you want to be on this sever? I think the most important part of a server is the community, and you guys seem to be trying to make yours a great one ;) What are you planning on doing on the server? Learning about all the things I can do with mods! Building great fears of technology! GETTING A PORTAL GUN *passes out* (saw the portal gun listed when I was watching the loading bar going through the files, and booted TPPI for the first time. Haven't gotten to play it yet.) Your favourite minecraft mod? i've only
  2. In-game name: jpcguy89 Why would you like to join the server: I have been playing minecraft for a few months, and would love to expand to a new server with great people and awesome mods!
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