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  1. http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/hyrule-festival Join Discord Are you tired of large abusive communities? You and your friends just want to play on a lag free server? Do you want to play the new thaumcraft 6 beta? Get bored of 1.7.10? If you run a PC with 4gb ram, you should be able to run Hyrule Festival. There are no banned items. It's survival modded minecraft with 140+ mods. Here's a list of my favorites: Thaumcraft 6 beta, Botania, Jurassicraft, Immersive Engineering, Forge Multipart (cut blocks as you see fit to build), Chisel, Wallpapercraft, How about t
  2. I no longer use rynzii15 as a username. It's now Captcookie. I saw somewhere that a moderator can change the username. When I make mod packs, it still says by rynzii15 even though my new name is Captcookie. Thanks.
  3. Today, I expanded the spawn and helped players who are new to sky blocks learn the basics. We have new active members and a great community. Funniest part was logging in and seeing 3x new grey ferrets and one of them hiding in the wheat garden. https://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/261199-animania
  4. Today I increased the number of /ftb sethomes from 1 to 5 so if you play with friends not only can you tpa but you can visit them any time or other dimensions with ease.
  5. Download and view more pictures and complete mod list here: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/stardew-galaxy.993749 Download https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/stardew-valley-ost-in-minecraft For the music soundtrack in game Join Discord: https://discord.gg/Vzm6Ws9 Server IP:
  6. *Update Thermal Expansion, T. Foundation, T. Dynamics, Mine Factory Reloaded, CoFH & Libs *Update Journey's Map *Update Applied Energistics *Update Agricraft *Update Extra Utilities *Update Ships Mod *Added Computercraft Education *Added Botania version 198 Happy to have you!
  7. This week I have re added essentials so everyone may have /home and /tpa again. I have also included an additional plugin called Advance Fireworks /fw to use the firework menu unlimited. I hope everyone has a great weekend! *New mods added like Matter Overdrive, Immersive Engineering, and a few others. See ya online!
  8. Making mod changes *Removing Blood Magic to downsize it's just too large *Replacing with updated Chisel 2, Project E upon request, dense ores, Chisel Tones, & Ztones *Removing ancient trees due to incompatibility with chisel 2 *Added and updated Project Super Humans tons of bug fixes and texture fixes *Added Twilight Forest About the pack currently, it's tougher. We now have infernal mobs, lucky blocks, and Mekanism & Ic2. The server is now whitelisted. Join http://captcookie.enjin.com/ to be whitelisted.
  9. Join the server site and log on to receive your free rank upgrade from member status to Elite. This will allow you to /nick and color format your name in game. Check out the server website and join at http://captcookie.enjin.com/
  10. Equivalent Exchange 3.... a new thing to research that allows you to get all the things in minecraft! New transmutation table and fun to earn items. Edit: the mod crashes so we replaced this with Project E.
  11. The server is now more light weight to accommodate players will lower pc ram. We downsized from 146 mods to about 115.
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