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  1. 168 mods.A mix of industrial based, magic based, adventure based, building based and wacky mods.Made in Minecraft 1.7.10 .Well, you might be saying "Well that wasn't really much information. Sounds boring!", but truthfully the Overflow Modpack is very well thought out. It aims to please all types of players. It has a lot of industrial mods, ranging from IC2, to Buildcraft, to Mekanism, to Forestry and many many more you may have never heard of. It also has a lot of interesting magical mods like EE3, Thaumcraft 4, Magic Bees and much more. There is also a lot of mods that make adventuring much easier with backpacks, jetpacks, planes and teleporters. Then there are the ones specifically great for adventuring into other places such as Tropicraft, Twilight Forest and Galacticraft. Then there is the vast amount of building mods like Chisel 2, Carpenters Blocks and a few others. Then you have a bunch of wacky mods and other mods that make life much easier, like IC2 Nuclear Control and Treecapitator. But besides listing a bunch of mods(which, the full list is here:, as said before, it is meant to appeal to all players and allow some players that maybe wouldn't explore some types of mods to try them out and maybe like them. Either way, you can trust me on the fact that you will have fun if you look past some of the little bugs. There will be performance issues if you have a low spec computer. You may need to put down your video settings if you decide to generate with Biomes o' Plenty. Optifine can be installed but it is unknown if it conflicts. If you do, download Optifine standard B7 for 1.7.10 . I hope you enjoy, a server pack will be released soon. One note: our forums is a freeforums but we are working on get a website. We are also using Dropbox so if the download amount starts getting high then the link will shut off and we will have to make a new one. It is planned to upgrade to Pro if anyone can help us out or if we get to that point. Thanks! Forums: Pack URL: Launcher URL:
  2. Yeah, weird. I think it redirects to another page which might cause the problem. The url goes from to when I type it in the browser.
  4. I know this isn't the support section, but I do have a free website that I host my file off of and it seems like that should work, but it says the URL is not working.. I'll try dropbox again though, thanks!
  5. I am the Head Developer for a new modpack with over 160 mods and I have it all working fine except for the fact that the host I am using for my files(x10hosting) will not work with the Technic Launcher download. Dropbox wont either. So basically is anyone willing to give me some website space? I can pay you in the future and I wont need it for long but I do need it temporarily for testing. Thanks! If anyone is interested what the modpack is its called Overflow Modpack; . (the page isn't done yet).
  6. I had a lot more fun with Big Dig back when IC2 and Thaumcraft were in it. Why cant it be worked on so they can be readded? Does anyone think this should happen?
  7. Hello! I am looking for some people willing to play a Hamachi game with me on Tekkit Classic. I'm inviting 4 people. Just tell me your Minecraft name and how I can get in touch with you and then we can start! People joining for sure: -none so far-
  8. ‚ÄčThat sort of answered my question. It still doesn't make sense how the files are not still on the download server. It's not like the files for each version were being downloaded straight from the Technic teams computers. I'll just try looking for the files. Thanks anyway.
  9. Why did the technic team never add the early tekkit classic versions? Like 2.0 and stuff. The only way to get them is by using the old launchers and that is hard to find. Could they add it back? I know some may not agree, but I liked the early versions a little more because it was in the early(ier) versions of Minecraft and it had some other interesting mods that are not in the current version.