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  1. That I do agree to. That is where I broke the rules. I thought he was joking more then anything. I must say at the time there was a person going around terrorizing the chat who ended up getting banned but overall there was chaos and drama. That is why I'm appealing the ban sort of what people do to get out of jail and be interrogated back into society Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the move and sorry about that. I had no clue where this belongs. I feel it does not even belong on the forums but I don't know any other way to contact them.
  3. The other day I accidentally swore taking too light of the rules and ended up getting banned. I don't think Discord does temp/timed bans and so I assume I would need to communicate to someone on it but I have no clue who or what I would ask about it Either way I'm sorry for saying naughty words. I'm use to mostly serve language used in hostilities to others but I guess overall you swear you are out. Thanks, Kane Hart on discord.
  4. Welcome to our Stone Legion Modded Minecraft Let's Play Series. This is starting from 1.7.10 and will continue to be updated to 1.8, 1.9 etc without wipes. Our goal is to offer a stable and safe community where people enjoy teching up but actually building really nice things without having to worry about losing all their work.Full Playlist (More Added Daily): Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjMDVXkLIQ37WVJ2czhWC0yr3RCyUKXBR Server Information / Let's Play Series Info: Rules & Guidelines: http://stonelegion.com/wiki/minecraft-rules-guidelines/Client Setup: http://stonelegion.com/wiki/minecraft-client-setup-help/Mods List: http://stonelegion.com/wiki/minecraft-mods-plugins-list/
  5. Welcome to the Stone Legion Custom Mod Pack Using MCUpdater Launcher! Our mod pack as over 150 Mods and growing. We run a dedicated 24/7 Server that is moderated and has a mature community. The average player age is 30+ though we don't discriminate against younger members. How to PlayMod Pack / Launcher DownloadApply for WhitelistServer RulesMod ListTeamspeak Info List of Mods: