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  1. I'm getting this too. Mod edit: post edited, user was warned
  2. SERVER IP - play.tekkitlegends.net WEBSITE - http://tekkitlegends.net/ Welcome to the best Tekkit Legends server around! Join our server now for the ultimate experience in modded Minecraft. Our choice of both a Factions and Survival server means there's something here for everyone. If you're the type of person that likes a challenge, enjoys battling enemies as part of a team, and love to be competitive, then Factions is the place for you. Join play.tekkitlegends.net now to create you own faction with friends, and become part of the epic world of faction warfare. Griefing, raiding and PVP are all allowed on Factions! However if you're more the sort of person that just wants to play the modpack without having to worry about fighting people or loosing your stuff then we have something for you too! Our survival server is completely PVE has a very noob-friendly evironment with players that will help you learn about the modpack. Griefing, raiding and PVP are not allowed on Survival. Ranks, kits, coins and more are available from the server store on our website! Rules: 1 - Do not advertise other servers or websites. 2 - Do not spam, bully or troll other players. 3 - Do not be racist, or use profanity in the chat. 4 - Inappropriate names, capes or buildings. 5 - Respect all Players and Staff Decisions, their word is law. Play Now - play.tekkitlegends.net
  3. I really can't wait for the next official modpack technic release, I'm planning to make a server on it as soon as it comes out! What are some of your predictions about what it will include?