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  1. IGN: sirstrydesalot Age:10 Skype (Optional):sirstrydesalot or stryderthedragon What role will you play in the server? (What mods/skills are you good with?)I dont really know i just like to be nice and organized and have fun so yeah Are you going to record while on the server? (Not required)I Would But Cant Sorry What would you do if you or someone else found an exploit or bug in the modpack?I would first ask them to stop and if they dont ill tell a staff member or report that person -Stryder Hess
  2. Username:sirstrydesalot Age:10 Why you want to join:Im really bored and i would love to join a whitelisted server to play on and have fun! How experienced are you:Not that much but i will learn again and have fun with the community! Plus i got Minecraft when it first came out xD
  3. May I be apart im bored and i want to have some fun so is it ok if i join in?? IGN:sirstrydesalot Age:10 IRL Name:Stryder Hess Gender:Male Skype:sirstrydesalot or stryderthedragon with a dragon pic Please accept i would love it!
  4. IGN (Minecraft name) -sirstrydesalot Age -10 Why do you want to join this server? -Im hoping for some fun! and it looks like a fun server and i would love to help and be apart How often would you play? -Alot Sometimes i might not be on so yea D; Do you use Teamspeak? -Yes And I love useing it! Any other info you feel is necessary-Yes I do, Im lonly and bored during the day and this server looks fun and playful even though im 10 I would love to join Please let meh join! -Stryder Hess