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  1. is this server still up or has it shriveled up and died before i could join in on the fun?
  2. i just took the sound files from my tekkit classic folder and replaced the corresponding ones in tekkitlite and now my sound works fine
  3. ok, so i enjoy tekkit lite, and i want to enjoy it with others, but the problem is that i cant seem to find any tekkkitlite servers and i want to know if anyone knows of any active ones with active players. i know there used to be, did tekkit lite go out of style? i see multiple active tekkit classic servers and it kinda boggles my mind because i would expect there to be players on tekkit lite if there are on classic
  4. i only notice some of them working, i notice the guns from weapon mod dont work, or is this because they slightly change vanilla sounds to make their sounds and require vanilla sounds? ah, ok i just took my sounds from tekkit classic and replaced the tekkitlite ones with them and it works fine, thanks yeah i think my hypothesis about the weapon mod were right because now they work thanks
  5. the problem with that is you might not get he right mod sounds which is why i want to get a tekkitlite file
  6. i think the best possible way for us to get the sounds is by finding someone who had tekkitlite downloaded a while ago when sounds were still functional and has full functionality and get them to release a download of their resources folder and/or thier whole tekkitlite folder (excluding their worlds if they want them private)
  7. no luck for me either the only way i can think to do this is to find all the sounds and put them in the right places which could take a long time i honestly dont understand the reason for mojang doing things like this, kinda like how they made it not psosible to cahnge old skins, its so stupid and useless
  8. Ok so I downloaded tekkitlite for nostalgia and the sounds not working, i tried all sorts of things, looked at other topics did what they did, nothing worked, so could someoen with fully functional tekkitlite sounds just put their tekkitlite folder located at C:\Users\User\Appdata\Roaming\.technic\modpacks the folder will be called tekkitlite, it would be very appreciated if someone could give me a download for that so that my game is functional
  9. I started crashing every time i launched tekkit classic so i decided to renistall it and then when i tried to reinstall, the downloading bar appeared at the bottom for a split second and then went away, please help and let me know if you need any further info about it
  10. My tekkit classic started crashing when i tried to start it so i deleted and reinstalled it, problem is, it wouldn't install, as soon as i click install, the install bar appears for a split second and goes away and it doesnt insrall, anyone know whats wrong please help me. Thanks!
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