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  1. IGN: peyt1212 I want to be on this server , for one its whitelist so that makes some people not want to join which in turn makes it safer. This would be the first multiplayer Server I would join of this mod pack and I want it to be my main one. Thanks, waiting for a reply!
  2. Minecraft username: peyt1212 How you found out about this server? I found this server while looking for whitelisted servers on the forums. Why you want to be on this sever? I would like to be on this server because whitelisted servers are generally friendlier and safe. What are you planning on doing on the server? I am a little of a noob to TPPI and I was planning on spreading my wings so to speak and learn more about it. Your favourite minecraft mod: Any mod like Pam's kitchen that adds a ton more farming aspects to the game including (in TPPI) forestry Thanks for taking your time to help.
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