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  1. Minecraft Name: GizmoPotatoe Age: 14 Location: USA Texas DFW (Dallas Fort Worth My Connection To Server Is Gonna Be Real Good XD Skype: HECK YEAH TeamSpeak: Nope Youtube: No Do You Enjoy Building Or Just Playing: Both Acceptance Of Rules: HEXX YEAH (Hexxit Pun IK its bad) P.S My Birth Day Just Past And I DIdnt Get In A Server So Im Pretty Bumbed About It So I Would REALLY REALLY Love it It If You Could Accept me Also Im A very Fun Guy To Have On A Server P.S.S Im Gonna Be On All The Time Since i have nothing to do in summer vacation :3
  2. Um Can You Plz Answer its past my birthday and i really hoped i got in by then so plz reply
  3. Username: GizmoPotatoe Age:14 Why I want to Join: Ive Been looking For A Few Small Servers to Be On Ive Posted my own thread saying that and i just want to let you know that im a great person to have in a minecraft server How Experienced I am: Ive Been Intrested in Modpacks Ever since i got minecraft -PS. My Birth Day Is This Saturday so It really would make my day if you would Accept me.
  4. Could I Be Included I just Would Do Im great At Adventure and Surviving Just Let me In -IGN: GizmoPotatoe Age:13 Name:Steven The Reason to join is because i once tried to make a normal vanilla server but failed and i want to join a vanilla server for once now (This Probobly dosent make since knowing im typing this all sleepy) Also My Birthday is Coming Up And I really Hope That You Accept me as a Minecrafter
  5. Just Looking For A Vanilla Server that maybe i could join that a few other people could to ? (I cant make a server cause GOD KNOWS I TRIED) *Server Crashes* So All I Can Say Is I Really Hope Someone has a server Like this
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