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  1. I call this problem unique because I've never heard of anyone else having it, or found anyone with the same problem in the interwebs. So my server just for some friends and me was working just fine, but all of a sudden nobody can connect now, not even me. The server itself shows no sign of being any different than before. I'd try taking out different files one at a time to find out what the problem was, and found out it was the world. So when the world we used before is used in this server, nobody can connect, but simply remove the world, server generates a new one, everyone connects just fine. Whenever this world is used on the server, the server doesn't let anyone connect but shows no signs of any problems. I actually remember similar problems occurring on previous servers I had made. This server is on my desktop, and I remember similar issues on my laptop maybe a year ago or so. World wouldn't let people connect, and would have to start a new world. The new world would also eventually cause the same effects, usually in about 2-3 weeks. I'd prefer not to lose mine and my friends progress, and have to start over, and probably continuously start over every few weeks, so does anyone know what I can do about this issue?