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  1. Does anyone have a version of herochat that's compatible with tekkit classic floating around? I cannot find one anywhere. I've checked other threads to find dead db links, and the downloads on bukkit dev are not compatible. Anyone have a jar that works? Thanks
  2. Basically, I need a way to make factions consider blocks such as condensers and diamond chests as containers in minecraft. This is so that when a condenser or such is claimed in faction land, players who are not in that faction cannot open the container. Currently in default tekkit classic they can. Any ideas on how to go about this? Looking at the source of factions, it appears that the bukkit api already has a built in "container" variable that is used - This means that factions does not define containers by block ids. If this is the case, you would have to completely rewrite the way faction
  3. EMC Issues have been fixed within the server, as well as permission updates for member and donator ranks.
  4. Welcome to NightLine Tekkit We are a new server but with experienced owners. We have our own custom plugins and everything is configured, re coded and optimized for tekkit. We have grief protection, rollbacks and land protection that protects your stuff even from equivalent exchange items. The server is almost lag free with minimal latency and we have done our best to configure everything in a way that suits everybody. IP: NL-Tekkit.uk.to:40988 Rules: 1. English Only Chat - We do not intend to cause any cultural offence with this, but we think it keeps the chat "clean". 2. No Griefing. 3. No
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