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  1. Does anyone have a version of herochat that's compatible with tekkit classic floating around? I cannot find one anywhere. I've checked other threads to find dead db links, and the downloads on bukkit dev are not compatible. Anyone have a jar that works? Thanks
  2. Basically, I need a way to make factions consider blocks such as condensers and diamond chests as containers in minecraft. This is so that when a condenser or such is claimed in faction land, players who are not in that faction cannot open the container. Currently in default tekkit classic they can. Any ideas on how to go about this? Looking at the source of factions, it appears that the bukkit api already has a built in "container" variable that is used - This means that factions does not define containers by block ids. If this is the case, you would have to completely rewrite the way factions handles containers, is their an easier alternative? (I'm up for trying to edit the source of factions if i can get some help in decompiling and editing it)
  3. EMC Issues have been fixed within the server, as well as permission updates for member and donator ranks.
  4. Welcome to NightLine Tekkit We are a new server but with experienced owners. We have our own custom plugins and everything is configured, re coded and optimized for tekkit. We have grief protection, rollbacks and land protection that protects your stuff even from equivalent exchange items. The server is almost lag free with minimal latency and we have done our best to configure everything in a way that suits everybody. IP: NL-Tekkit.uk.to:40988 Rules: 1. English Only Chat - We do not intend to cause any cultural offence with this, but we think it keeps the chat "clean". 2. No Griefing. 3. No Hacking or Exploiting of any kind. This includes duping. 4. Respect everyone - We do not tolerate bullying, abuse, racism, homophobia or discrimination of any kind. 5. PVP IS allowed, But this does not mean you can go around killing everyone because you are further ahead in the game. Please have a valid reason for using PVP. 6. No spamming the chat. 7. Use common sense. - If you don't think what you are doing is morally right or allowed, don't do it. 8. No trolling other players or staff. 9. Don't ask any staff for items - You won't receive any. To keep our server lag free, prevent griefing and generally make it a better experience for everybody we have disabled a few items from being crafted. The following items that you cannot craft on our server are: 1. Ring of Arcana - This bypassed spawn protection, and is therefore disabled. 2. All Chunk Loaders - Although a very useful and fundamental part of Tekkit, they cause mass lag and therefore we have chosen to disable them. 3. DM Pedestal - Relating to a dupe bug and causing lag, we have decided to disable this item from being crafted. 4. Watch of Flowing Time - Caused server wide player lag when in use. 5. Evertide & Volcanite Amulet - These bypass all forms of protection we have and I was unsuccessful in making them use the proper block place events with Bukkit. 6. Mercurial Eye - A very destructive item that bypasses protection. It is uncraftable due to this. If you are wondering about the numerous duplication bugs in tekkit, They are all patched. We have several plugins including custom coded ones by the owners that aim to optimize the server and your experience on it. All major game effecting plugins are listed below. Plugins: 1. Core Protect - This allows us to log events from each player, therefore giving us the option to rollback grief. This includes EE items such as a morning star. 2. World Edit - Although this is primarily an admin plugin, it can be used to move your stuff around the map, and rollback grief as we have it fully configured with snapshots. 3. Factions - Although this plugin is associated with griefing servers - which we are not, it provides a great base plate for protection. Tekkit items cannot break blocks in claimed land. 4. Essentials - Provides a great platform for the players to interact with each other with ease. This could be setting a permanent home, or teleporting to a friend. We are a new server, and even though we are experienced tekkit server owners and have put hours into optimizing our server, things will not be perfect. We ask that if you have any bugs, issues or any suggestions that you post here, or get in contact with _HighVoltage or _Jakeee. If neither of us are around to cater your needs check for another staff member to help you out. Here are some photos of our spawn: Thankyou for taking your time to read our sever post. We hope to see you on our server. Regards: The NL-Tekkit Team.
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