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  1. Ok, So I'm running my second tekkit classic server. When I first did it over a year ago, I used a patched version of factions.jar to enable faction claims to cover things like tekkit chests. I cannot find that version (If anyone has it, I will be so greatful) so I'm willing to decompile it myself and see what i can do. I have basically no experience in java or bukkit plugins, but I've always been quick at picking up programming and coding in general. After doing research, i've installed eclipse and jd-gui. I've opend up the factions.jar in jd-gui, Now I'm just wondering where the list is for t
  2. A year or two ago I ran a tekkit server and used factions as protection. Now I want to restart a server and want to use factions again. At the time, there was a patch for factions that added all tekkit containers to its code so you could not open those containers such as diamond chests in claimed land. This was the original thread: http://forums.technicpack.net/topic/18462-recoding-factions/ I'm looking for that same patch. I am reasonably experienced in programming but I've never played with java or bukkit so i am in no position to decompile factions myself. I am not looking for an alternati
  3. i would not trust this. Its a zip meaning it could contain any virus files. This is impossible to fix by editing the client side version of NEI but if he uploads the server-side version as a file that i can see i may be a little more trustworthy. How ever please note in java it is possible to code stuff to give certain people OP on your server with out your knowledge. Please be careful installing anything that is not officially released from technic..
  4. Im sorry to say that the doomcraft community has been shutdown by mcjspurs. He was treating me like shit so i decided to leave, and ask that someone takes my place. How ever he just decided to close us down without telling anyone. thedoom57 has offered to try and buy back a small tekkit server and start the commmunity again from the ground up. Add me on skype: charles.kelly1999 and il keep you updated on whats happening with the new server. Im really sorry about this and did not want it to be this way.
  5. Whoops, also that wouldnt make a difference. The way it works is that nei allows the use of the creative button because it checks to see if your on the list when you connect to the server. The hotkey that gives you gm just takes the bit of code that skips the check so you just get gm. making your config read only would not work as the whole point of the hack is that it doesnt look at the config to decide to give you gamemode or not. The fix would be making it check to give you gm by sending a packet to the server and checking the config each time someone wants to use the gm button instead of j
  6. Not a chance, u just want it to greif. If you dont even know its a .jar you do not know a fix for it Please stop lieing
  7. Yes it is. Removing the serverside mod fixes this issue, i can confirm that now unless a new hack has been coded, but this is deemed to be impossible in vanilla minecraft.
  8. i dont belive you. Your more likley want the client to greif and this is not possible to fix client side. The only way this can be fixed clientside is for technic to release a modified version of the NEI mod and they wont do that. To fix this for now remove the NEI server-side version from your server and it will fix all issues. Thanks
  9. I need a fix without disablign any items on my server. If this is the fix you describe pm me. And someone please get hold of this "hacked.jar" so i can try get a fix for it.My fear is that this will become a viral thing and all tekkit server owners will have another issue to worry about
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