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  1. I know this post is 4 months old but for anyone else looking at this, here's something hopefully helpful! So if you can see the MoTD & one bar of connection OR No MoTD and ?/? players and one bar connection then that means your using the wrong version. Because this is Tekkit Classic, i can imagine him downloading Tekkit Latest or Tekkit Lite server (Running MC versions like 1.5 or 1.6) and trying to connect with MC 1.2.5 (Tekkit Classic) Or, he may of opened Tekkit Latest or Tekkit Lite and ran the Tekkit Classic server, same thing would happen. The disconnect messages are either "End
  2. EDIT: Sorry my laptop randomly posted some weird button mash of letters here.
  3. 75 But you could probably push to 80, it may lag a little though
  4. I found a screen shot on google of what your router port-forward settings look like. If they don't look like this they may be similar. Try find how to get to your port forwarding page, if you cant find it try looking in advanced options or features! 1. "Name" enter Tekkit 2. "Start Port" enter 25565 3. "End Port" enter 25565 4. "Start Port" enter 25565 5. "End Port" enter 25565 6. "Protocol" enter TCP 7. "Local IP" enter *Your Local IP* If you don't know your local IP do this: 1. Open the program CMD 2. Type in IPCONFIG 3. Scroll to the top and look for "IPv4 Address . . . .
  5. stop trolling ;3 Back to topic! To the OP, "dwwojcik" is offering a very good server for the price! My server is very expensive!
  6. You sir are my hero! Every post that you make i laugh! ;3
  7. We deliver high performance Tekkit & Minecraft servers, you also get the benefit a customer support team that is ready to take your chat or jump in your server with you. Slots ~18 Subdomain IP~~~~~~~~~~~~[YourName].damnserver.com Ingame name~~~~~~~~~~~~BensDaMan RAM~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2GB DDR3 1333MHz Network~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~50Mb/s port Currently Hosted Servers~~~2 Your suggestions for rules~~I can help you with rules when the server is up. I can also help with permissions, configs and plugins! Side note: If you want to see one of our public Tekkit Classic servers tekcopvp.dam
  8. I know this is a old thread but can someone help me I tried the version 311a 1. Copied the files that were in the downloaded folder (Lots of .class files) 2. Pasted them in the EE folder inside the ZIP file i had to UNZIP 3. When i pasted it deleted the old class files and replaced them with the new patched ones. 4. I tried running the server and i got this error: This is a Tekkit Classic 3.1.2 server btw Error: 2013-06-24 16:17:07 [sEVERE] java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: ee/EntityHyperkinesis : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 2013-06-24 16:17:07 [sEVERE] at j
  9. Didnt work :L Cant even play on my server anymore :(
  10. Ok i have known about this for a while, When your get pushed/tped away from a chest/normal/diamond/iron/condenser/ect it closes it. Proof other chests dont work: 1. Get in a water stream 2. Open chest 3. The water will push you back and the chest will close automatically OR You can use the TP delay setup the OP was talking about I guess a alchemical chest must of not had the code to close it. (?) Removing tp delay only makes it so you can do it without a friend, having tp delay makes it so you can do it by yourself Proof to bypass time delay: 1./tpa [your friend] 2. Ope
  11. :O I knew it wasnt my computer!!!!! Im trying arbin123's idea i was getting a frame per 10-20 seconds!
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