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  1. Skype Heartless_CalAge: 25Microphone: have both a relatively decent headset and a system mounted mic. not the best, but can work with.Why do you want to voice act in Champions of Thunderheim?: Honestly? I suppose its kind of on whim. my girlfriends been pushing me to try new things and I've always been told I've a voice for radio, and tend to do all kinds of voices for GM'ing for D&D.What role(s) would you like to act?: honestly I could pull off most of these I feel, though not so much the quieter characters. that and of course the female roles.Other stuff (If you want to add a message or something...): I honestly just wanna see what I can do with things. I'm not expecting to really get in for this or anything. just thought it would be fun to try out. would love to see my voice on a youtube production beyond my awful letsdraw's
  2. I second this idea of giving munnies for artz :U I can equally or better make dreams come true of the artistic variety