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  1. Seriously, I need help with this problem. I tried starting at new world, everything was normal, but it happened yet again. I need just a response.
  2. When I was playing Core Zero for the first time, all was good. But I had to go so I left my only survival world. When all of a sudden, I got back on but the world isn't generating. I even tried fiddling with the chunk loading settings but nothing happened. Help?
  3. I don't know any other way to fix this. So if that player dismounts the chocobo in time, it should be killed, never to be ridden again.
  4. I'd recommend one of these 2 ways: 1. Report this to the tracker, as plowmanplow said. Or, 2. Use the console to check if it's booting or not. If the console floods with scripts, it's working. If not, it's frozen.
  5. Well, for me it just takes within a minute of loading. This problem probably depends on your computer's capabilities and how much data is used.
  6. I have this problem too, but it does not stop there. I also cannot use any action that requires the right click key. As this instantly cancels the action.
  7. When i once got some pet Chocobos on a single-player world, i went mining. And suddenly my game lagged, i rebooted my game and it was not fixed. I checked the outside and suddenly Green chocobos were everywhere! Because though there is a creature Star Trek has which does exactly that, it clearly lagged out my game, and dropped my frames per second down to 7. And another note, i tried ways of clearing them out. I tried killing them normally, it was a little slow. I tried literal cheating, it also was slow. Any idea how this happens, and how to deal with this? Because again, i am in a singlepl
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