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  1. @TerdyTheTerd I forgot to say but later after I wrote that it started working! I just had to lower the render distance!
  2. @TerdyTheTerd So I just downloaded Rudoplays' Shaders and it works really well! But the only thing that's bothering me a ton is the fact that the entire game is hella laggy. Like, really laggy. I can run other modpacks with shaders fine! But even this one without shaders it lags. I don't know what the problem is. It's really pissing me off.
  3. @TerdyTheTerd Okay so I downloaded the link that you posted and it seemed to work, but when I enable shaders the screen goes black.
  4. @TerdyTheTerd could you tell me all of the stuff you downloaded and got rid of in order for the modpack to actually launch? I remember you said a lot of the mods were incompatible. Or you could just make a download link (like dropbox) for the modpack folder.
  5. @TerdyTheTerd Honestly I don't even need the camping mod that much, so if you want you can uninstall it. I also added two new mods to the list here if you could add them! Of course you don't have to though if it takes too long. They're two very small mods, though.
  6. @TerdyTheTerd I can run shaders perfectly fine. Thanks though. Also, I think the problem is the chisel mod. If you could try removing it that'd be helpful!
  7. @TerdyTheTerd I have a fairly new macbook pro so the config stuff will be a little different on my computer. I restarted my computer a few times already (because when I played the modpack my mouse disappeared and I couldn't shut down...). Also my mac can run modpacks with like 112 mods within them perfectly. It's so weird that my modpack has so many issues! @daytimepanther I'm pretty sure I did! I could check.
  8. @daytimepanther It launches without crashing, but when I try to create a world it takes a really long time and when it finally loads there are no shaders :,( @TerdyTheTerd I appreciate the help! I would've never known how many of the mods are incompatible. As you can tell - I'm very poor at understanding everything about mods and such. But when I tried to create a world it crashed. :/ How does one do config editing?
  9. @daytimepanther I can definitely try! It's a great learning experience! If I do in fact figure out how to make it work It'll be good to know how, especially for future modpacks! But if I somehow can't figure it out I'll contact you. Thanks for all of your help! I still will be posting here and asking questions too. The only big question I have is "what is the main problem?". Because if I can figure out what's wrong then I can google it or ask for help more efficiently.
  10. @daytimepanther Yeah I'm honestly very unexperienced with figuring this stuff out too. Dude that would be so overly kind of you! I really appreciate it! If you don't mind I really would like shaders included! But overall, thank you so much for helping me out! I truly do appreciate it!
  11. I got rid of the shaders and optifine. It still crashes. This is so annoying. Plus, I have no idea as to what the root of the problem may be. Should I upload the Technic Launcher Console text?
  12. @daytimepanther Unfortunately the shaders mod is my favorite mod and I'd love for it to be in my modpack, so I guess I'll try taking out Optifine. Unless that won't work. @daytimepanther So I got rid of Optifine and it still crashes. It must be the shaders.
  13. @daytimepanther So I got the updated mods folder and added a different version of shaders that says it's for 1.7.10 but after installing it and playing it it still crashes. I don't know why
  14. @daytimepanther @bochen415 I just ran it and it seemed to work but then it crashed again. If you want the crash log I can put it on pastebin, but it's pretty long...
  15. @bochen415 I'm pretty sure I downloaded the universal one but I'll try! What's a macos file?
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