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  1. Be patient, this pack takes a very long to install. Seems to be an issue with wherever the author is hosting the file. I have Gigabit internet but the pack was only installing at >1MB/s which is very slow.
  2. Looks like you used the universal forge version, use the installer file renamed to modpack.jar if you are using the latest forge for 1.12.2.
  3. If you are only seeing 1gb as an option then you have 32bit java installed, you need to install 64bit java and remove the 32bit. There are plenty of guides on installing java online, its very simple. On a side note Pixelmon support is not offered on these forums. Future issues that are Pixelmon related need to be made elsewhere.
  4. Provide us a log please, otherwise we will be at guess and check all day
  5. The download link for that pack appears to not be working, try contacting the modpack author like it says. There is nothing we can do about it here, author needs to update the link.
  6. Please provide us a log file from the launcher. Also to clarify, have you tried other packs, or is it just the Omega Adventure Pack you are experiencing issues with?
  7. Pack still downloads fine for me, are you still experiencing this on your side?
  8. Ya most guides for 1.12.2 are outdated because forge made changes to how it gets installed for newer versions, 1.13+, but then several months later released 3 updates for 1.12.2 that also had the new method of installing. However the 3 versions released (2851, 2852 and 2854) do not contain any changes to forge, they only contain changes to the license and build scripts, as can be found on the github. For whatever reason forge then updated the recommended version to 2854, despite being no actual changes from 2847, hence why so many guides are outdated. As for any guides on technic, well frankly its unacceptable that after many weeks and dozens of issues being posted regarding it, they still have not updated any official postings/guides, at least not that I'm aware of. Glad you were able to find a similar thread and resolve it yourself, many users do not search for previous threads and thus me, and others who help out, usually keep posting the same response several times per day
  9. Like all the other similar issues: I'm assuming you are using version 2854, if so rename the installer not the universal to modpack.jar
  10. I'm assuming you are using version 2854, if so rename the installer not the universal. Also there are literally like 20+ threads just like this with the same issue and solution, so you must've looked everywhere except these forums
  11. Just downloaded fine for me, check again. I know dropbox has somewhat limited bandwidth limits on the free accounts, maybe you had reached that cap?
  12. Is that Forge 2854, if so use the installer not the universal (rename the installer).
  13. It would appear you have corrected this, currently loading up and there seems to be all the mods.
  14. I'm not sure what the coordinates are, but its possible you are close enough to the boundary of two regions that the corrupted entity is actually in the region next to you.(I am assuming there are no chunk loaders here that might be loading in chunks elsewhere in the world). You can use a program called nbt explorer to change where your character is at so you when you join the world next time you will be back at whatever coordinates you set, either like 0,0 or if you know where your base is at. This lets you open a save file, and modify just about anything, in this case we are interested in changing your characters position, be careful though not to set yourself at a y level that would be inside a wall if you are in survival. This of course will not remove that corrupted entity, so if you happen to be exploring again and get too close the server will once again load it and crash. Once you are at your base and know what region file/s it is within you might want to delete all the rest of the region files just to be safe. This of course would reset anything so any mining or exploring done within these area's would be reset. If you did remove Railcraft forge should have prompted you with the following Usually removing mods during a save is not recommended as it can lead to multiple issues. This might all seem like a ton of work, but unfortunately corrupted worlds are sometimes a nightmare to fix, especially on servers were deleting large sections of the world is not acceptable. Luckily this sounds like a single player world that is somewhat new. Best of luck to you!
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