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  1. Open a command prompt (go to the windows search and type "command") then type "java -version" if it says its not a command then you don't have java correctly installed, if it tells you a version number paste that here and we can troubleshoot from there.
  2. There are a hundred tutorials online on how to set up a minecraft server. If you wish to connect using a specific modpack just make sure all mods and configs (including content packs or addons) are the same on the server as they are on the modpack.
  3. Update video drivers, old drivers do not support new versions of minecraft
  4. I noticed you are using TabbyChat, is he by chance using a Mac? On my server/modpack Mac users have to uninstall tabbychat, it causes them to crash, could it be related? As plowmanplow stated, without info from his machine we can't really help.
  5. Have you tried using danglingvanillafixer to simply revert back v9 of his mods? I don't know just how deep his anvil hooks are, so I don't know if it's something you can simply revert. Could you post another crash report? I checked the server log on gitlab but the server didn't crash in that log?
  6. I would be careful with adding ICBM on 1.7.10, its still in beta and is being updated all the time, not very stable ATM. As for the actual modpack you just need to download the files, place them in the correct locations and edit configs and such to make it your own thing.
  7. Just replied to your previous post, but that seems irrelevant now since you got it downloading. For further help could I get a link to the modpack, from there I can diagnose the issues and report them back on here for you.
  8. Did you change the very end of the url to "=1" most of them time it defaults to "=0" which is not a direct link
  9. Looks like you will need to manually grab the library files for your forge version, which is for 1.5.2, go here to manually grab the files listed in the log and place them in your library folder (not exactly sure how forge works on 1.5.2, so you might need to look that part up). If any of the files have a ".stash" extension you must remove that after downloading.
  10. If you already have the new modpack files hosted some, such as dropbox or copy.com, then you simply need to update the modpack url to the new one AND make sure you bump the version number for the pack. Below are two pictures to help.
  11. One of the mods is attempting to call something that isn't there "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: Config.getGameSettings()Lnet/minecraft/client/settings/GameSettings;" That most likely means the mod requires another mod to run properly, one of the mods it requires got updated and changed some of its code around or you are using an improper mod version for your version of forge/minecraft. A list of mods would be very helpful, and are you using a modpack for this server? Or is it just a collection of mods you put together?
  12. Looks like you were zipping the folder that contained the bin/config/mods folders instead of zipping the bin/config/mods folders themselves. Here is a fixed download for it HappiysHardTech, I will leave it up for 24 hours. As a side note you might want to update some of the mods, several of them are outdated.
  13. That link looks like it was taken from when you are logged in, so unless you are logged in as you others can't access it. Look up how to get the proper copy.com link or try another host.
  14. Not sure what the issue of if it has already been fixed, but I just downloaded the modpack and it installed/launched just fine, even created a new world and no issues there.
  15. Technic can only use direct links (links that automatically start eh download when clicked on). Your dropbox link should look something like "https://www.dropbox.com/(random stuff)/(modpack name).zip?dl=1" To get the link right click the file in dropbox, select "share" then copy the link it gives you and change the very last character from "0" to a "1".