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  1. no its fine i dont use it for hexxit anyway so logging ut will be fine thank you for all your help
  2. will it work by just logging out? omg thankyou so much just logging out of evolve fixed everything <3 THANK YOUUUU
  3. i am running on version 1.0.10 i couldnt find a crash log file but will this do? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12225939/ Mod edit: spilled log deleted
  4. dw this seems to be fixed now!!! im sorry but i think i am doing something wrong it still crashes at the mojang screen i have got the legacy fixer and i have the reliquary should i post my crash log again???? sorryyy
  5. i now have another problem i cannot open my mod folder it just says access denied location is no available
  6. so should i be using the latest verion of hexxit which is 3.0.0???? sorry im confused
  7. the reliquary in the mods folder is a zip file should i export it or just delete it??? bc by just deleting the zip file and inserting that it still dosnt work with or without legacy java fixer :/
  8. as far as i know i us got the latest technic launcher is there anyway to downgrade he launcher you know of???? thanks for all your help btw its technic launcher 4.0 and my hexxitt is running on the version 1.0.10 which is the recommended
  9. http://paste.ubuntu.com/12216850/ Mod edit: logs belong to pastebin
  10. i have been trying to play hexxit now for ages i recently got a new computer and have not been able to play hexxit at all on it. i can play tekkit and other types of minecraft in the launcher. i can press play and the mojang screen comes up but then i just suddenly closes and returns to the launcher. please help i have tried: restating my computer unistalling and reinstalling tekkit launcher deleting my .technic file reinstalling java (im using 64 bit most recent) i have added a copy of my most recent crash report Thank you hs_err_pid7156.log
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