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  1. Hey guys, I wanted to start playing Tekkit & Hexxit again, so I dug up the technic launcher and installed both modpacks. Everything is the latest version, so that shouldn't be the problem... The problem is, everytime I try to open one of those Modpacks the launcher hits "installing minecraft assets" and then just resets... It closes itself for a second and comes back up, leaving me in the modpacks section as if I didn't try to play something... I've reinstalled the technic launcher, the Modpacks and Minecraft completely serveral times, updated Java usually and tried to run
  2. MrNeroy

    Hexxit RAM problem

    Hey guys. I've got a problem (which seems to be RAM-caused) when I try to play Hexxit. After installing the Technic Launcher and Hexxit, everything works fine for once. But when I try to play it again, I always get the 'shutting down internal server' error and minecraft keeps teling me it has run out of RAM.. I tried to allocate different 'sizes' of RAM to it (1GB, 2.5GB, 3GB, 4GB and even 6GB), but nothing seems to work... The only fix I found is to delete the .technic folder and reinstall everything, which is getting pretty annoying after a while... Also - sorry if this wouldn't really belo
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