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  1. I'm having an issue I did awhile back when I first played Attack of the B Team. But this time, it's with Hexxit. I installed the launcher, updated my Java, did everything correctly. The game opens smoothly, no problems there. I can click settings, multiplayer, single player, etc. All good! The problem is when I do click these things. It won't let me click the buttons. When I scroll my mouse over them, they light up as normal. It just won't let me click them no matter how hard I try. I can't click "Direct Connect" or "Add Server". This is the same in certain settings. I could change my video settings; all the buttons work. When I go to change my controls though, the buttons won't work. When I go to change my texture pack (which is what I was trying to do originally), I can't click on the new pack or click done. Again, the buttons light up as if I could. But I can't. The only semi-solution that helps is turning on Touchscreen Mode? But it's still limited. I could click done in a lot of the settings options, but I can't change anything. Please help. I've been searching this forum and multiple other websites for hours, and there is absolutely NO solution.
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